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B Free Farm Owners - Animal rescuers

Amy and Scott MacDonald are the biggest animal loving couple you will ever meet! They met through their love of dogs- Pudge the Boxer brought them together, and countless dogs have continued to be loved by them over the years. Amy is very passionate about animal rights, safety and care, even the smallest of the small - she wants them safe! Scott’s love for Amy is really how this farm got started, he works tirelessly and non stop to care for the animals on BFree Farm and let’s be honest you have to LOVE this job because it is literally 24/7 rain or shine.No vacations, No Holidays, Non paid hard labor to feed, shelter and care for all the animals they now house! You will also never meet a more selfless, dedicated, hard working couple as Scott and Amy. We hope that you will consider all the ways to help them to continue their mission for many years and animals to come. Volunteer, Give, Share the mission of B Free Farm w your family and friends !

By: Rachel Prendergast

Friend & B Free Farm Board Member



The Farm

The arrival of our three Nubian goats, in 2014, as my own therapy after chemotherapy sessions for an ovarian cancer diagnosis, turned our home into our beloved farm. Since then, we have been been blessed with many animals, offering them a loving, forever home. We’ve more than quadrupled our number of resident goats, we’ve entered the horse rescue world and love it, we’ve become slightly obsessed with donkeys and we have a fun, entertaining group of hens. Add to this, our 5 dogs (three are rescues) and our amazing new kitten and 3 barn cats, and we’re pretty much surrounded by the best therapy ever! Being able to offer and steadily provide a safe, loving home to many animals had been a dream for us for a very long time. Then, in the winter of 2018, my husband met our wonderful lawyer. After a chat, we decided becoming a non-profit would greatly benefit our situation. We would be able to rescue more animals, giving them the best care, while also, receiving some financial assistance. B Free Farm was established. Thank you for liking, following and sharing our journey. Our animals (foo, as we call them = farm+zoo), are sure to entertain you, but also, make you fall in love with them.



B Free Farm was started as a safe space to help animals of all kinds, in all stages of life. We have recently teamed with a local hospice service to give back to our humans that are in need of therapy & healing during hard stages of life.



Having met Scott and pet sitting for his Boxer, Pudge, changed our lives. We both realized we had an incredible love for all animals & each other. We included our three Boxers in our wedding photos! We added three more Boxers to our family, shortly after. Being vegetarians for decades and having a soft spot for farm animals and concern for their welfare. We always hoped to be able to do more. We found the perfect property for us and moved to Tiverton in 2010! Sidelined by illness, it wasnt until 2014, with the arrival of our Nubian Goats, that our dream started to become a reality!

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